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From starting my skin treatments I came to see The Aesthetic Place for my first consultation. I found the advice very helpful and professional…

After a thorough consultation I decided to try a course of skin peels as my face had sun damage. I found that after 3 treatments I could see the difference a lot smoother and flawless it made a big difference. I then started using the skinceutical homecare range to keep my clinic result longer. By having both peels and using all the correct products I would 100% say this has made my skin look the best its looked for years. I’m nearly 42 but am proud of my skin the way its looking and also people do comment to say how amazing my skin looks. It’s a lot more smoother and flawless. We look after our appearance with hair and clothing but people see your face more than anything so I’m happy to pay more for my skin treatments and products to help prevent further sun damage and ageing.. I definitely would recommend The Aesthetic Place and I’m very passionate about my treatments and the service I receive. I know it has worked and I look and feel fantastic

Sharon Bilton 42

After having a baby my skin started to show the effects of the sleepiness nights. Wanting to look more vibrant and refreshed I had a consultation at the Aesthetic Place where I was made to feel relaxed straight away with their experienced and professional approach. I decided with the expert advice to proceed and have Botox and peels. My skin was dramatically different even after the first peel it looks more youthful and has its vibrancy back which I’ve not seen for awhile. I’ve decided to swop my regular facials now for the peels as the effects are much more effective and noticeable I even feel confident to go out without make up!! Not to mention no more crows feet and frown lines!

Claire Attridge 32

I have to say how much my skin has improved since having regular peels with the ascetic place. The Skin Ceuticals range is the best thing ever! After 15 years of using Lancôme I was a little sceptical of change. However I did a little research and had an extensive chat with a skincare nurse who I found most helpful, she was happy to assess my skin care needs in detail and recommended a course of peels followed by my very own personalised skin care plan. If I had £10 for everyone that has commented on my skin since the change I would be a rich lady! My skin feels and looks so much better. In the past I stuck to night cream and a day cream, hardly ever toned or used an eye cream but I can honestly say how much difference these products make to your skin, my eyes have less wrinkles now!!

I was also thoroughly impressed as I had booked for a peel, however when I arrived at the Aesthetic place Gemma told me that I wasn’t ready for a peel and should leave this longer as my skin was in good condition, whereas most clinics would have taken my money regardless of how my skin looked

I use the Aesthetic place also for Botox injections and have had cheek and lip fillers. Now you may think that I am a vain person, you couldn’t be more wrong I just want to look how I feel and for every woman I believe this to be important

The service from the team is second to none and have and will continue to recommend to my friends

Lisa Mastin